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intervention in libya diplomatic preure is growing. the u.s., britain and france warned gaddafi to hold the advance and pull back on other cities. this comes on the heels of a decision to propose a no-fly zone. gaddafi has declared a cease- fire but rebels say government forces continued their assault. >> for these rebels the no-fly zone cannot come soon enough. the resolution gives me new hope. >> there for libya has decided on an immediate cease-fire and stoppage of all operations. >> that announcement has been received with skepticism. >> the libyan people have called for international assistance. this resolution paves the way for that to be answered. colonel gaddafi's refusal to hear the repeated calls to stop violence against his own people has left us with no other choice. >> the international community will not be tricked by the libyan regime. the international community will verify strict compliance with the resolution. >> at the nato headquarters preparations were made to pave the way for operations to begin this weekend. >> we now havthe power and legal basis to stop. that is
journal," thanks for talking with us. >> my pleasure, ray. more on libya with president obama's speech. we'll be back with that shortly. >> ifill: in a few moments the president will address the nation on american involvement inibya. for those stations just joining us, president obama is speaking from the campus of the national defense university at fort mcnair in washington d.c., ten days after the american military, nato and the arab league began enforcing a no fly zone over libya, the administration is mounting a full-scale defense of an action the president said again today will be limited both in time and scope. newshour political editor david chalian joins me to give us a sense of what the president thinks he needs to accomplish tonight. >> he has to answer three fundamental questions, gwen. he has to answer why are we involved in this military action in libya. he has to say what are the next steps now that we're moving into this support role supposedly going forward? and the third question he has to answer is what if qaddafi stays since he has stated the country's policy as qaddafi
, but they face a daunting task. damage running into some $30 billion u.s. the government says it has already paid compensation to half of those affected by this tsunami. in one area, the situation is better. the city's south of santiago was badly damaged. seven people were killed, and even the city hall in the church were destroyed. but when you're on, the mayor is optimistic. -- one year on. construction work is proceeding at a good pace. >> [speaking foreign language] [translation in german] >> in may year managed to convince a organizations to help with their plans -- the mayor managed to convince aid organizations. again, old materials are being reused. only cla is missing. -- clay is missing. >> the school has been providing help to this area for almost one year. >> [speaking foreign language] . >> the school also found a donor willing to provide two years' worth of health-care supplies for the center. the mayor is visiting a family that will be the first of 700 to get a proper house. i asked why things have not improved faster in this area. >> [speaking foreign language] [translation in ger
launches air strikes in eastern libya as it battles to regain control. two u.s. soldiers are killed in a shooting at frankfurt airport. german interior minister thomas de maiziere takes the defense portfolio in a cabinet reshuffle. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we begin in libya, where gaddafi has threatened to start a war if the u.s. or nato intervenes in the unrest. speaking at a political rally, gaddafi says thousands of libyans could be killed if foreign powers and to the country. member is in the suez canal are heading toward libya as the u.s. and u.n. high pressure on the regime. forces loyal to gaddafi launched air strikes on a rebel- controlled town in the east of the country. >> dozens of seriously injured rebel soldiers have been admitted to this hospital. pro-gaddafi forces have launched air strikes on the city. the libyan leader attempts to recapture lost territory in the east of the country. inhabitants are fleeing the battles. there were intense clashes further west, in the oil port held by the rebels. gaddafi is striking back fro
are growing about a pool holding spent nuclear fuel at the reactor complex. workers are using all means possible to cool the reactors that were damaged in the earthquake. the plant had to be evacuated temporarily at one point due to high levels of radiation. >> dense clouds of stream rose from the fukushima nuclear plant on wednesday. but the fire in reactor four was of less concern to the authorities than a possible fracture to the containment vessel of reactor three. partial meltdown likely occurred in at least one of the six reactors. the biggest fear is that the molten mass could penetrate the steel hull and release regular active material into the environment. radioactivity levels have fluctuated at the plant. the 50 or so workers remaining inside were temporarily evacuated at one point to protect their health. an attempt to send helicopters in to douse the reactors was broken off. now officials are considering cooling the reactors with water cannons. a spokesman for the japanese government tried to reassure the public, saying radiation in the vicinity posed no immediate danger. bu
strike on a key oil port. investigators in germany believe the fatal gun attack on two u.s. airmen in frankfurt airport was politically motivated. and and ecb interest rate hike is on the horizon as the bank frets over mounting inflation. ♪ >> france and britain say there will support a no-fly zone over libya if the situation there gets worse. the french foreign ministry says the two countries plan to do everything they can to increase pressure on moammar gaddafi. the libyan leader once more airstrikes on the rebels thursday morning. witnesses say warplanes bombed an oil port. the rebels have appealed for outside help, asking for u.n.- backed airstrikes to end the conflict. >> in the battle zone town, rebels are burying the dead. thousands turned out to join the funeral procession. there are mercenaries hired by gaddafi. they're preparing for new attacks on their town, a strategic seaport with key oil facilities, after recent air strikes, a ground attack by gaddafi's troops appears imminent. >> we're ready to face gaddafi's men. our scouts are telling us they are headed this way.
, the military has used wear from firefighters to cool reactors. the ieae says it has stabilized, but it could still worsen. the security council is voting on libya as the gaddafi forces push into rebel-held territory. the u.n.'s nuclear watch dog says efforts made by japan to cool reactor it's and fuel rods at the fukushima power plant have stabilized the situation but warning it could deteriorate. engineers have worked through the night to install a power line for water pumps needed to cool two reactors and a storage site for spent nuclear fuel rods. helicopters have also been dumping water on overheating reactors to stave off a meltdown. fire trucks have also joined in the effort. >> japan has been pinning a lot of its hopes on these trucks. they can get within 80 meters of the reactor. the trucks have repeatedly doused the pool with water as shown in this graphic from japanese tv. authorities were guarded about the operation's success. some reports say radiation levels have risen since it began. an airborne aspect was part of the plan. military helicopters dumped water on the facility, but
fighting in eastern libya with rebel forces using rocket launchers and take missiles, all of the artillery that they have to stop the advance of government forces. rebels have little defense against the air strikes. plumes of smoke in the distance mark bombardments. reports that a huge oil facility was the amount of the targets. government troops have claimed advances on several fronts in the east and west of tripoli. the initial euphoria amongst the rebels appears to have given way to the sobering reality that the regime will not be toppled as easily as those in neighboring countries. >> there appears to be a plot against libya. a determination to take control of libya and steal its oil. then the libyan people will take up arms against them. in the rebel-held switch -- city of benghazi, people took to the streets to demonstrate for intervention. it wanted the international community to impose a no-fly zone over libya. to stop the air strikes against their own people. let's i spoke to the correspondent in the east of the country and asked him how important a no-fly zone would be. >> fighte
says it will be hosting a summit in london next week. progress on the u.s. mandate intervention in libya. the u.s. military said there is no indication that coalition air strikes resulted in any civilian casualties. wednesday night, sites again or targeted in the capital of tripoli. bobby gaddafi -- gaddafi's tanks in israel were hit. schelling's have resumed. >> a propaganda war is also being waged in libya. brandishing, a presenter on libyan state television pledged to give his last breath for libyan leader gaddafi. state television also broadcast images of gaddafi's supporters staging demonstrations and gaddafi himself making a brief public appearance for the first time in days. speaking from his compound, gaddafi pledged victo, denouncinghat he called the unjustified aggression of crusader nations. although the united nations- backed strike had forced his troops to retreat, battles are still waiting on the ground. rebels and regime forces are still fighting for control in eastern libya, where thehave been engaged in a standoff for days. the u.s. president says intervention w
makers. >> in man who shot two u.s. servicemen was acting alone in frankfurt. captioned by the national captioning institute >> muammar gaddafi's forces are fighting rebels on several fronts. in the west security forces launched an offensive to retake one town. in tripoli, protesters took to the streets calling for the end of muammar gaddafi's rule. there have been no reports of injuries. heavily armed rebels clashed with muammar gaddafi's fors elsewhere. the head of the rebel council says the fighting will not stop until the opposition liberates the entire country. the rebels are preparing to march on tripoli. >> rebels under fire from khadafi = = -- gaddafi loyalists. this man screams he wants to murder his own people. this is the site of a key oil terminal. rebels fired a sustained brian shaw of artillery in an attempt to overrun a military base. fighting was also reported 200 kilometers to the east. loyalist forces are taking a position outside one city. rebels are manning anti-aircraft guns around the clock. >> we have had enough. we want progress and not a corru
? where is great britain? they should help us. they should be giving us weapons or stopping gaddafi forces from advancing on us. >> they say they will not be sending in ground forces. germany is especially opposed to the idea. foreign minister has offered humanitarian help. >> delegatesagreed that gaddafi has to go but what should happen to him if he leaves power? italy has proposed exile while france, the u.s., and britain want to see him put before the international criminal court. the british hosts of the conference, however, have been stressing points of unity. >> the participants have affirmed the importance of full and swift implementation of the security council resolutions and our strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and national unity of libya. we will be pursuing additional sanctions on individuals and entities associated with the regime. >> delegates say the ongoing airstrikes against the gaddafi regime are just a first at which must be followed by political process. they have agreed to set up an international contact group to decide which c
that the arab states will be alienated if nato led the mission. but the u.s., italy, and britain have been pushing for nato to take over the operation. william hayes said that a unified command is necessary -- william hague said that a unified command is necessary. eanwhile, rebel fors in lib's third largest city say they have killed 30 loyalists snipers. troops loyal to gaddafi have been in the hospital. there are also reports of heavy fighting in northern east. >> more and more civilians are leading the stern -- are leading the eastern town as heavy gunfire continues between troops and rebels. >> this situation is getting worse and worse. god will punish those who are responsible for this. >> on thursday, libyan state tv showed footage of damage caused by overnight air strikes. officials say that a western bombs destroyed a military base in tripoli. france has since confirmed that dozens of coalition planes were indeed in operation over the country. libyan tv also showed injured people being admitted to hospital. libyan authorities said that 18 people were killed in the strikes, soldiers
demanding he stop killing. nato is still wrangling or who should run the campaign after the u.s. steps back. president obama and france's nicholas sarkozy have a and currently come to an agreement over how france should participate in the mission, but no word yet on when france will be taking over. one thing that has been agreed upon is that the arms embargo must be enforced. >> nato has committed to enforcing the arms embargo by air and by sea. hips and aircraft will patrol the air and coastal waters in an attempt to stem the mercenaries joining the gaddafi regime. rebels are hoping this will even the playing field against the dictator superior military might. but german foreign minister is calling for yet more wide reaching sanctions. >> we are working for an all out oil and gas embargo. it cannot be that at the same time military air strikes are being flown, the possibility of contious gas and oil deals with the gaddafi rajeev have not been completely cut rolled out. -- gaddafi regime have not been completely ruled out. >> this video footage shows a harbor aimed at taking out in 80 days.
a blast car radiation levels rose for a time. at the u.s. is sending more specialists to help al with the threat. in the country's -- in the country, the northeast humanitarian crisis -- the government has appealed for calm as people in tokyo began to flee the city or stock up on the essential supplies. >> in japan, the un's the nuclear energy agency says the containment wall at one of the reactors at the fukushima power plant may have been breached after an explosion on monday. radiation levels rose after a fire and separate reactor blast. most of the people within 30 kilometers have been evacuated. those remaining are being urged to stay indoors. above normal radiation levels have been measured in tokyo, 250 kilometers to the south. >> it tuesday's fire in reactor no. 4 and damage from explosions at the other reactor blocks pose a potentially disastrous situation. reports say pull for spent fuel rods in reactor no. 4 may have overheated and cannot be refueled -- cannot be refilled with water. workers are making a desperate attempt to pour water into the partially damaged roof u
correspondent is here with me in the studio for more background and analysis. thank you for being with us. we know that chancellor angela merkel supported him throughout this. this is a major setback for her. >> it is a major setback for the chancellor. she lost her most popular minister. it is an important time. this is super election year in germany. there are seven major votes across the country at the regional level. these are important in germany and the conservatives have lost one election in hamburger over a week ago. there are three more votes at the end of this month. that is an election conservatives cannot afford to lose and the strategic problem with the chancellor has that within her conservative ranks there will be those who are fond of karl-theodor zu guttenberg and they are disappointed he had to go the way he has been. there are those who have the questions and they will be equally disappointed he clung to office with the supportg of angela merkel for so long. she might not have theacking of those people for these key elections. >> what happens to him now? he was until today
want to go home, but wdo not have any money. there is nothing we can do. there is nothing for us. >> the u.n. refugee agency is working on a solution that does not rely on the cooperation of the government. >> in the next day or so, they will start the chartering flights in order to assist the bangladeshis to go back to their country. >> it could take up to five days. >> meanwhile in afghanistan, u.s. secretary of defense robert gates has apologized to president hamid karzai for the accidental deaths of children last week, six days after u.s. helicopter crews killed nine boys mistaken for taliban fighters. it's also discussed the future of the u.s. military in afghanistan, expected to be withdrawn by the end of 2014. a small contingent will remain to help train afghan security forces. the unrest going on in africa and the middle east is causing chaos with oil prices. >> causing major worries about economic growth. oil prices in london and new york spiking higher on monday on concerns over wider supply disruptions in the middle east and north africa. the recent sharp spike in pric
on a joint approach to the libyan crisis, butnato has launched 24-hour surveillance using recognizance planes. leaders will have an emergency summit on friday. >> we have asked our military to be prepared for all eventualities so we stand ready if our assistance is requested. once again, i would like to stress bettithat any nato operan would take place in accordance with and pursuant to un mandate. >> time appears to be working against the libyan gravels. >> a short while ago i talked to -- the libyan rebels. a short while ago i talked to our correspondent and asked him about the 72-hour ultimatum. >> the leader of the interneim national council has confirmed that indirect talks are under way. officials are saying there are no talks. they are denying that anything is being put forward. it is not a very transparent situation right now. this symbolall started when the foreign minister went on television yesterday. negotiations apparently started last night. they came up with this idea. >> what about reports that the libyan army is making inroads into areas controlled by the opposition? palin ex
. rebels tried to assess the situation in using their own photographs and videos. pictures from embattled towns. the latest are alarming. cities near tripoli and benghazi are now back in gaddafi hands. they want the others to help. >> they have an open area, but they have to do something. >> the rebels know that one area could fall next, a loss that would clear the way for benghazi itself. >> the people of egypt will get a chance to vote for a new president by november. parliamentary elections will be held in september. the supreme council of the armed forces has upheld a new interim constitution that declares egypt as a democratic country that guarantees freedom of religion in an opinion. copper -- there was the ouster of president hosni mubarak last month. the italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has promised to clear thousands of migrants from a mediterranean island. berlusconi visited the island after an outcry about a growing humanitarian crisis. about 19,000 migrants have arrived there from north africa since the unrest started sweeping the region. locals complain that their isl
into the streets. >> the present regime is using ancient tactics at shooting at anyone demonstrating. this is a very dangerous strategy. it seems this uprising has already reached a tipping point. there is no way back to reforms. the president is respected by many syrians, by his regime is too brutal. he has lost the opportuni to find a compromise with his own people. >> he said reforms are coming. is that an empty promise? >> it looks like it. he has been in office for 10 years and has not used this time to change society. he has opened up the internet to the syrian people. he has really created a new generation of facebook that is trying to achieve changes from damascus. there are so many factors involved. all these factors intervene. this is a very dangerous development we see unfolding in syria. >> we will be back for more in a moment. anti-government protesters are keeping up the pressure on the yemeni president. tension was high as thousands rallied this friday in the capital demanding an end to his rl.e the president staged a demonstration of his own supporters. he said he was
to worry about, and i trusted them. >> i'm very angry that they didn't tell us from the beginning to move further away. >> aid workers have been distributing blankets and food to people in the evacuation centers. now they're also giving them iodine tab helets, standard procedure following suspected radiation exposure. officials have been assuring them it is merely a precaution. people here will just have to hope that is, indeed, true. >> well, as fears grow of a meltdown at the fukushima facility, i asked our correspondent in tokyo to tell us more about the public reaction to that. >> anxiety, fear, people wondering what they should do. i mean, the government is telling people to evacuate that area and take care of their own safety, but the reality is how can people get out? i mean, they can't even get gasoline. a lot of people not only close to that area, but even in tokyo, they feel trapped right now. >> we hear that iodine is being passed out against a precaution against radiation poisoning. do we know how many people have been evacuated so far, and where can they go? >> well, the gove
over who will take leadership over from the u.s. is open. some are urging for is to be tranerred to nato. >> rejoined mr. you buy a middle east analyst. this is beginning to look messy. -- we are joined in the studio by in middle east analyst. >> it was not well thought through but was necessary. there would have been a bloodbath without it. no one in europee, the non is states, for the arab league have the desire to continue making business with gaddafi. it was necessary. we see the chaos theory in the king there is aos on e ground we have no idea how the opposition movement is being set up and to assess what with in the movement. on the western side within nato, we have no idea who is in command of the whole business. is it the frenchk ericans? who is it? >> gaddafi still seems to be enjoying a lot of support back home. >> we have to be careful. there are people loyal to him. there e tribes gratef to him becae he ha financed them over 42 years. this is some gratitude. we're talking about tribes. with tribal allegiances, a look at who is holding power. if they feel that he is lo
. the second leg takes place march 17. has made music history and now guitars and amplifiers used by eric clapton have gone to the auction block. proceeds are going to a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction which clapton founded. he is one of the most influential rock guitarist, but his style also includes reggae and blues. ♪ >> we love to leave you with some music. >> has anyone seen charlie sheen hanging around? [laughter] >> incredible. in one minute, we will be back with our in-depth report. >> welcome back, everyone. it has been a month since a popular uprising in egypt toppled president hosni mubarak. the friction is still fierce. in cairo, at the epicenter of the protests, pro and anti- mubarak groups are still fighting. mutt -- none of this bodes ll forgyp's future. we want to take a moment to examine the people who brought the change to a head, egypt's politically engaged young people. is what they're doing now, more than anything you find in the country, that gives reason to believe that positive change will last. >> one of the young egyptians who has come to this t
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